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Before you continue using IPPO Fashion, we urge you to read, understand and agree with our terms and conditions as mentioned below on this page. These ‘Terms & Conditions’ is an electronic record that is designed as per Electronic Transaction Ordinance 2002 which sheds light on the rights of the user and the website for future reference to avoid any confusion and ensure fair and transparent transactions between the two (2) bodies.

This electronic record does not require any physical or digital signature to acknowledge the acceptance and compliance of each party involved in the transaction.


This website is basically an online store that offers fashionable leather jackets and the terms and conditions that are aligned below basically describe your rights and responsibilities towards IPPO Fashion, access and usage of our website, its sub-domains and mobile based applications or services that are the intellectual property of IPPO Fashion. This is basically a user agreement that is effective upon your access to this website and you – as a respected user – are require to read and acknowledge your acceptance of these terms and conditions before continuing your usage of this website.

By acknowledging your acceptance, you affirm that this website reserves the right to make changes, alter any or all the contents and modify any of the section of IPPO Fashion at any time without notifying you. Please check this Terms & Condition section frequently to keep yourself aware of the future changes.


IPPO Fashion is one of the leading online stores that deal in leather products especially leather jackets for men and women in Finland. We offer our leather jackets in a wide range of designs and styling along with free shipping across the country on very affordable prices. Please bear in mind that prices are subject to increase or change with the change in GST and other applicable taxes. Please refer to our ‘Shipping & Return’ policies for all price and shipping related concerns.


This electronic agreement between you (the user) and us (IPPO Fashion or website) sets the ground rule to proceed further and the usage policy between the two (2) parties. You agree to comply with below mentioned terms and conditions of this website and agree that you will use this website on your personal responsibility as the website will not be held responsible in case of any unpleasant event. You agree that you are responsible for protecting the information that you share on this website for example name, contact number, email address and password while creating an account and placing an order. It is IPPO Fashion’s responsibility to keep its content up and running 24/7 but the website is not liable to continuously provide its content to end user in case of maintenance or down time of server. The website also remains the right to alter, change or make addition in any specific service or its features in future without notifying the end user.


All the contents available on IPPO Fashion can be viewed by simply visiting the website (www.ippofashion.eu) but you are required to register an account with us to avail certain features. If you wish to make any purchases in future, you are required to have an account with IPPO Fashion using a valid email address and credentials. Please note that if any or all part of the provided information appear to be wrong or invalid, we remain the right to cancel the registration of your account. This cancellation further impact on the account history and any purchase orders that have been made through that account. The responsibility of any transaction made on IPPO Fashion from your account is solely yours and any dispute filed rising in response to misuse of your account by any friend, family member or third party or otherwise. Please log out of your account in case you find any suspicious activity on your account and let us know by filling a ticket or calling our customer care department to prevent any loss. Please note that we remain the right to terminate your account upon finding any suspicious activity or make changes as required.


In order to make purchase, you need to provide us certain details to process your order request that includes your real name, valid email address, a working contact number and a physical address. We also require your financial information that includes bank details, credit/debit card number or any other payment medium that you wish to use for purchasing a product on IPPO Fashion. We only deal with those individuals that have been issued a valid credit/debit card by a bank or operate a working bank account which is acceptable by IPPO Fashion with an authorization to process a charge(s) when they use credit/debit card to pay for their purchases. Please note that we remain the right to reduce the quantity of purchases per account at any time of purchase if we suspect your indulgence in suspicious activities on our website.

Please find more details with respect to your account and privacy in our ‘Privacy Policy’ section.


All the order requests are subject to availability in our stock and may delay in delivery if we’re out of stock for the requested item. Please note that all the orders are subject to availability and acceptance as the items that you wish to purchase are not reserved to yourself and can be purchased by any other user.

IPPO Fashion publishes the list of products that are available in our stock and ready for the dispatch as requested by you or any other user from our warehouse. Please not that you may face delay in your order’s arrival in case your order is still in manufacturing phase and not ready for the dispatching at that moment. You may also be asked to pay upfront against your order for delivering the items on priority basis in comparison to usual delivery time. When you agree by our ‘Terms & Conditions’ you also affirm that timely delivery of your order is subject to product availability and non-interference of other elements that may impact on your order’s timely delivery. Please be advised that all the orders are subject to availability and quality check before the dispatching from our warehouse to ensure the delivery right item to the right customer. Once the order is dispatched, we’ll notify you via email on the email address that you registered with us during the order placement process.


When accepting your order, you’ll be notified via an email that contains your order details including order number, arrival date, payment method and amount transferred etc. Please note that we remain the right to accept or reject the order if you fail to complete the payment procedure during the checkout time, we’re out of stock or if there’s any problem with the courier service or the address is invalid etc.


You may issue a cancellation request within 24 hours after making a purchase order and we’ll be liable to accept and entertain this request. It is to clarify that we shall deduct a certain percentage of total amount of your order as a cancellation fee and your order cancellation request should be issued within the 24 hours otherwise we’ll not entertain any such requests made after the 24 hours window.


We use Euro as a measuring unit for concluding prices against each product listed on IPPO Fashion that is the standard monetary unit for Finland. All our listed products include any applicable tax imposed by the ruling government but we may ask you to pay for additional amount in account of additional taxes and other fees.


You may pay for the purchased items using your credit/debit card, in cash or by using a coupon that we offer from time to time. Please note that your delivery might be delayed until the payments (made from credit/debit card) are cleared and we remain the right to cancel your order if the payment is not successfully transferred. We use SSL certificate to secure your online experience and payment transfer method. For further information with respect to your privacy and our security measures that we update from time to time to keep our customer secure and safe on our website.


All the promotional codes are not transferable to another person nor do they hold any cash value. You cannot sell them out or exchange them with other people nor do we accept expired promotion codes to claim a product on discounted price on our website. Please write us on example@example.com to know more about promotional codes.


Please refer to our ‘Shipping Policy’


We take full responsibility of your products from the time of dispatching until they are delivered to you securely. We require your signature to assume that the package has been safely delivered to the right person at the specified physical address during the time of submission. Please note that the delivery time starts from the moment of dispatch and if you fail to receive the package within the said duration, you may refer to our customer care and discover your order’s status by sharing the Order ID earlier sent to you via email.


Please visit our ‘Returns & Refund Policy’ section.


By registering an account and giving us your valid email address, you also agree that we may use that email address for future communication and roll out newsletters and new offers. We’d never use your email address for any other operation other than above mentioned activities nor we sell your email address to any third party.

You may opt out of our database or pause receiving newsletters and new offers by the unsubscribe option included in each email we send out to you.


By navigating our website, searching the listed products or using it otherwise, you cannot held the company liable for any direct/indirect, incidental and special kind of loss or damage that happens to you. You agree that you’re the sole responsible of any unpleasant event that occurs in the course of a transaction or during the navigation session here to IPPO Fashion.


You agree that all the contents, designs, logos or any other property listed here on IPPO Fashion are the intellectual property of the company and cannot be used either for commercial or non-commercial purposes without the written consent of its owner. You agree not to use any image, text or any other material that is our intellectual property for your own profits and acknowledge adhering with these terms and conditions before using the website or visiting any of its sections.


Everything listed on IPPO Fashion including, but not limited to, images, text, logos, trademarks headers, thumbnails, audio/video, visual graphics and illustrations is intellectual property of the website and is attributed as ‘Content’. We ensure that every piece of content listed on IPPO Fashion is accurate, authentic and complete in every aspect but we do not guarantee its authenticity, completeness and accuracy as it might contain some error that we try to fix as soon as we’re identified by anyone. Please let us know about any error that you find here on IPPO Fashion by emailing us the details of the problem. Please note that all the opinions asserted through blog posts, podcasts or any other communication medium are the sole opinion of its writer/creator and IPPO Fashion does not take any responsibility of that statement. In the same way, when you share any image, video, audio or any other graphical content then you automatically grant us to use that material on IPPO Fashion and cannot take any legal action against that. For further details with respect to your privacy on IPPO Fashion, you may refer to our ‘Privacy & Policy’ section.


You agree to visit IPPO Fashion for your personal, non-commercial usage as you’re not allowed to copy, redistribute any of its sections by modifying, altering, reproducing or republishing without the consent of its intellectual property owners. If you are found in any restricted activities, it can lead you to face legal actions by the company.


By continuing your usage of IPPO Fashion, you agree to abide by our ‘Terms & Conditions’ failing which may result in a permanent ban or restriction to some section. Please note that you’re not allowed to perform any prohibited activity on our website and if you are found doing any unauthorized or restricted activity at any section of IPPO Fashion, a strict action can be taken according to the prevalent law.


We may display links that leads you to other websites but we do not take the responsibility of the accuracy, authenticity, completeness and legitimacy of the contents listed on their website. If you wish to visit third party websites, you may do so but on your own risk and you cannot held us responsible for any unpleasant instance that occurs to you during the visit.