Size Guide

In order to receive the jacket that fits nicely on your body, we recommend you to recheck your body measurements to eliminate the risk of wrong fit when placing an order. We’ve also put a size guide both for men and women to help you figure out your size below.


Follow the easy steps for taking accurate measurements of your body before placing an order at IPPO Fashion.

Shoulder – Place the one end of the measuring tape on shoulder joint where it connects with your arm and put the other end at the opposite shoulder joint to take accurate shoulder measurements.

Sleeve – For sleeve measurements, start with the shoulder joint and come all the way down to the thumb joint. Make sure your arm is straight when you’re taking measurements.

Bust/Chest – Wrap the measuring tape around your chest under the armpits and connect both the points of measuring tapes to conclude the right chest size. Be sure the keep the tape on the widest area of your chest.

Waist – Wrap the measuring tape around your waist area where you can feel the bones on your waist and get the right measurements for your body.

Length – Start measuring the length of your torso from beneath the neck and go all the way down to the naval or beyond that.