Privacy Policy

Effective 25th May 2018

We try our utmost efforts to maintain the integrity in our transactions and customer satisfaction along with maintaining the privacy of our valued users. IPPO Fashion (We or Us) strives to maintain the layer of your privacy while you visit, navigate and make purchases on our website (i.e. We know that you have so many questions regarding your privacy while you use our website to purchase your favorite items. We respect your privacy and try our best to keep everything transparent so we have set these privacy policies to help you understand your rights and privileges with the use of IPPO Fashion in conjunction with our usage of your personal information and how we use it.

Please read and agree with this policy before continuing your usage to understand your rights by using IPPO Fashion, our practices with your information and the best step to make in case of any problem before you continue using our website.


In order to process your requests against our products, we may collect certain information as mentioned here under:

We may ask you to provide certain personal information including your name, phone number, email address and physical address. We may obtain this information by utilizing different means of communication and data collection. This includes the forms that you fill during the order submission process, during the call while discussing your query with one of our customer representatives or otherwise. We also use the information that you share with us through email and other electronic communication mediums. We also collect your personal information when you register with us for receiving our monthly newsletters that includes your full name and a valid email address. We may also collect your personal information when you use your social profiles to create an account on IPPO Fashion. Our policy for collecting your personal information also includes the collection of cookies that is essential to track your visits to our website ( We may collect your IP address to conclude your location and provide you the best results according to your location and available stock of our items. Our information collection includes your operating system, device type and time zone apart from the IP address and cookies.


In order to provide you tailored and more relevant search results when you visit IPPO Fashion, we store your cookies when you visit our website.

We use your cookies to discriminate your session from other user’s session and show you the best products based on your navigational behavior, times of visits and sections that you visit most frequently. We have described our cookies policy briefly in the Terms & Condition section for your review. Please feel free to read and agree with it before you continue using IPPO Fashion in future.


IPPO Fashion uses your personal information to execute certain objectives that have been described below:

We may use your personal information (that we collect through various means) to process your order requests. Your name, phone number, email address and physical address will be used to process your order and deliver the product to you within the said delivery period. We may also share this information with a credit reference or any fraud prevention agency of the country that keeps a record of such information to prevent any unpleasant instance in future. Our policy for using your personal information also allows us to send you marketing materials (e.g. newsletters, brochures, discount updates etc).

Your personal information also helps us in providing you more tailored user experience based on your searches, favorite sections on our site and the kind of items in which you show keen interest or purchase frequently.

Please note that we do not sell your personal information to any third party but we remain the right to share the information with our partners, vendors and associates. We may also share the information with any government agency if required.


We do not sell your personal information – provided by various means of communication – but we do have the right to share it with certain parties under different scenarios and circumstances as mentioned below:

IPPO Fashion remains the right to share your personal information with its vendors, associates and business partners. We may also share your personal information in the event of acquiring a subsidiary or getting acquired by a parent company in future. Your personal information can also be shared with marketing purposes within the marketing staff for designing more relevant and useful marketing content based on your demographics and taste.

For further information on information disclosure, please refer to our Terms & Condition section where all your concerns are briefly described.


IPPO Fashion processes, transfers and stores your data at a location situated outside the EEA (European Economic Area) for certain reasons. We may store and disclose your personal data with our staff members that work outside the EEA or any third party with which we work to execute your orders in timely manner. Your personal data is also used to carry out marketing campaigns from time to time. By sharing your personal data with us, you agree with our policy to transfer, store or process your data for above mentioned operations.

We keep your personal information secure and any payment made against your online order is encrypted using SSL technology to avoid any unpleasant event. Please be noted that we cannot complete guarantee with respect to the security of your personal data transmitted to our site and any transmission of your personal information is at your own risk. However we use strict security features and data collection and storage procedures to prevent any unauthorized access once we receive your personal information.


We value your acknowledgement and always inform you before collect data of sensitive nature if we ever intend to share it with third parties. You may always ask us to not using your personal information for marketing campaigns if you wish to stop receiving our email newsletters and discount deals etc in future. We will not use your data once a clear instruction has been given from our valued customers to not disclosing with any of our third parties and you decide to terminate the usage of IPPO Fashion.

Our site may contain third party links that leads you to the websites of our advertisers, partners or affiliates. If you wish to share your personal data on other websites after redirecting from IPPO Fashion, please be noted that you are sharing your personal information on your own risk and we are not responsible for such act under any circumstances.


According to Data Protection Directive, you may request to access the information of our usage of your personal data. You may access your right to access your personal information that we have stored in our systems under this directive. Any request to access your personal data usage is subject to a fee of £10 to cover the processing cost of your request.


IPPO Fashion remains the right to make changes to this section in future that will be posted on this page. We also remain the right to alter any of our Privacy Policy section in accordance with the law or add more clauses in future to maintain a sound working relationship with our customers, vendors, affiliates and associates. We urge you to visit this section often to stay up-to-date with latest changes in our Privacy Policy section. We also update our customer via email or an SMS notification about the modification, addition and alternation in our Privacy Policy section and request them to read and agree with them before continuing their usage of IPPO Fashion.


We appreciate your comments, queries and requests with respect to our Privacy Policy and try our best to keep it relevant and in the best interest of both parties (IPPO Fashion and You). You may write us your queries with respect to our Privacy Policy at and we’ll revert back to you as soon as we could.