How To Tie A Bandana Headband

You see people wearing them all the time, and they look great, but if you’re not sure about wearing them yourself, learning how to tie a bandana is easy. There are a variety of options for tying one up, so see which one is the best for you and your style needs.

First, make sure the bandana is ready on your head by placing it on the table and folding it diagonally to make a triangle. Trim the folds so they are clearly visible. Hold each end of the triangle with both hands, making sure it doesn’t slip (this is where the folds help you). Set the bandana where you want it on your head. The optimal place is in the center of your forehead, but you can choose to wear it higher or lower, depending on your inclination.

Tie the two ends of the bandana behind your head once, firmly (but not so tightly that they are narrow – remember, your head will swell from the heat). The ends are dangling, which is good, because you will tie it again in a moment. Make sure the top of the triangle is located roughly behind your head – it can be a little higher or lower, but you want to cover your entire crown. Now, you can slide the top of the triangle under the end that is tied behind your head, or place it between the two. When you are happy with the position, tie the ends again, securing the top of the triangle, and thus the entire bandana.