Order Issues

I want to place an order, how?

Simply select a jacket, choose size and tell us how many you want to purchase. Then hit the ‘Add to Cart’ button at the bottom and proceed to checkout page to complete the order placement. Alternatively, you may place an order via email at info@ippofashion.eu!

Do you accept orders via emails?

Yes! We do process orders via email and you can place yours at info@ippofashion.eu.

How'd I know that IPPO Fashion has received my order?

We’ve made the tracking system very transparent and easy. Once you complete the order placement procedure, an automated email will be sent to you at the email address that you used while registering an account with IPPO Fashion. The email would contain the status of your order, a tracking number and transaction details for future record.

Is IPPO Fashion secure to shop online?

We take every measure in account to keep the online purchasing safe for our valued customers. The SSL certificate is a proof of our efforts to protect your online transaction experience. You may read more about online purchasing and SSL certificate here. We ensure that your personal details remain safe with us and try our best to add more security layers to make the whole experience smoother, safer and faster. You may refer to ‘Privacy Policy’ section for further information on this.

Do you offer gift wrapping facility/custom message with the order?

Yes, you may request gift wrapping facility and custom message option in comment section while placing order and we’ll try our best to entertain your request before dispatching your items.

What currency do you use?

We use Euro to deal with purchases and refund matters.

Is having an account with IPPO Fashion mandatory for purchasing a jacket?

Yes, for keeping your experience at IPPO Fashion safe and uninterrupted, we urge you to register an account for swift and smooth purchasing.

What to do if I receive a defective item in my order?

Our priority is to resolve issues of such nature as soon as they are reported to us. It is highly advised that if you encounter a problem like this, immediately notify us either by calling our customer reps on 012345 or by dropping an email at info@ippofashion.eu with the following information and a screenshot of the defective item.

  1. Article name
  2. Article code
  3. Date of order placement
  4. Date of receipt
Gift Vouchers, Promos & Payments

What payment methods do you offer?

Currently we accept PayPal and Debit/Credit cards to process your order requests. But we’re trying to add more payment methods in future to make transactions smoother and safer.

How can I pay for the jackets?

Simply select the jacket, add it to cart and proceed to checkout page. Select a payment option after selecting the color, size and quantity of the item and complete your order placement procedure.

For how long a promo or discount code is valid?

Usually the expiry is mentioned on the promo/discount code. A promo/discount code is valid only for 7 days from the issuance date and can be used to purchase any of our jackets listed on the website during the order placement part.

Do I have to pay the shipping separately?

We offer free shipping in majority of cities of Finland but you might be asked to cover the shipping if the area from which you’re ordering the jacket that is beyond our business zone.

I purchased an item using a promo code, can I return the item?

Yes of course! You have the right to return a defective item even if it’s purchased in discounted price/by using promo code.

How can I use the gift voucher for purchasing an item?

When you receive a gift voucher from IPPO Fashion, try adding the credit on your account that you registered on IPPO Fashion to purchase further products right away or in future.

I've placed an order, when will I be charged?

The payments are processed right away if the card you used in authorized for online purchasing. So as you may order request and put your card information, you’ll be charged instantly.

However if the card is not authorized for online purchases, we’ll notify you to change the card information.

I want discount/promo codes, where can I find them?

We constantly add new promos to entertain our customers on different events. You may check our website to check for the new promos or register your email address in our newsletter and promo updates to receive new codes right in your inbox.

Sizing, Fitting & Features

I don't know my waist size, can you help me?

Please refer to our ‘Size Guide’ that is specifically designed to answer your size related queries.

How can I find the best jacket size to order?

Each of our jackets contains 3 universal sizes to help you select the right one for your body type. To select the right jacket with perfect size, you should know your body measurements. And if you are not sure how to calculate the body measurements, feel free to visit our ‘Size Guide’ page.

I want a custom jacket, what size should I send you?

We require your chest and height measurement for custom men jacket. Also, if you could share the fitting preference then we’d be able to produce the best jacket for you. In case you’re ordering women jacket, please send us your bust, waist and hips measurements along with the fitting preferences. You may drop us an email at info@ippofashion.eu to submit your custom order or do the same from within your account at IPPO Fashion.

Can you help me measuring my size?

Please refer to our ‘Size Guide’ to learn measuring your body.

How can I find the best jacket size to order?

Each of our jackets contains 3 universal sizes to help you select the right one for your body type. To select the right jacket with perfect size, you should know your body measurements. And if you are not sure how to calculate the body measurements, feel free to visit our ‘Size Guide’ page.

Can I order addition in my order?

Yes, we do provide this facility to our valued customers. You may notify us about the addition with a message while placing the order or write it down in the email if you prefer purchasing jackets via emails.

Exchange/Refund & Returns

How will I know that you received my order?

When you place an order on our website, we send you an email notification confirming the receipt of your order. Later, when the order is ready and dispatched from our warehouse, we send you another email to update you about your order’s dispatch along with a tracking number.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Usually an order takes 5-6 business days once it’s dispatched. If you do not receive your order after 5-6 business days since its dispatch, you may speak with our customer care department on 012345 and track your order by sharing the tracking ID mentioned in the email we send while confirming the order.

Will you charge me for shipping?

No, we do not charge you for shipping within the major cities however we may ask you to cover shipping of the origin of order are beyond our area of operation.